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List Of Our Client

Group of Company

Aftab Group

Rangs Group

Uttara Group

Brothers Group

ICL Group

Ocean Group

Pharmaceuticals Company

Essential Drug Company Ltd.(EDCL)

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Ibn Sina Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

UniMed & UniHealth Mfg Ltd.

Kemoko Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

JMI Pharma Ltd.

Libra Infusions Ltd.

UniHealth Dental Ltd

Novo Healthcare & Pharma Ltd.

Amico Laboratories Ltd.

The White Horse Pharma.

Naafco Pharma Ltd.

Orbit Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Rangs Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Sharif Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Hallmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Organic Health Care Ltd.

Astro Bio Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Diagnostic & Hospitals

Popular Diagnostic Center Ltd.

IBN Sina D-Lab

IBN Sina Hospital

IBN Sina Medical College

Rupa Diagnostic Ltd.

Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Max Hospital Ltd.

UniMed Daignostic Ltd.

Royal Hospital Ltd.

Dr. M. Shomsher Ali. MBBS,Med,Medicin MD of Cardiology (Moon Diagnostic Centre)


BIAA (Bangladesh Indenting Agent’s Association)

Mos5tel Ltd. (International Get way)

Prestige Bangle Ltd

Elite Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd.

Power Graph

ICL Agro Food & Milk Products Ltd.

Khan & Deen Traders Ltd

Islami Investment & Co-operative Society Ltd.

Modern Industry Ltd.

Markview Developer Ltd.

JJ Builders Ltd.

And More………