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Inventory & Material Management System


A good Inventory management system track goods through the entire supply chain or the portion of it a business operates in. That covers everything from production to retail, warehousing to shipping, and all the movements of stock and parts between. Practically, it means a business can see all the small moving parts of its operations, allowing it to make better decisions and investments. Basically, only a smart software is an important tool that manufacturers can use to save money and operate more efficiently. With you can monitor inventory levels in real time, manage inventory in multiple warehouses. All of these things help the company keep costs down, spend money wisely and avoid making mistakes, like overstocking on slow-moving products.

GRN – Goods Receiving Note

This is prepared based on purchase order or LC. After that, its send to Q/C department to quality testing.
System will generate quarantine tag automatically.
GRN Contains the following information :
Vendor Detail
Manufacturer Detail (if applicable)
Indentor Detail ( if applicable)
P/O or L/C No
Challan No
Challan Date
Item Detail
Batch/Lot No
MFG Date
EXP Date
Condition of Goods
Container Detail
Packing Detail
Quarantine Tag will be generated as per company’s format.

MRR – Material Receiving Report:

After Q/C released, warehouse received material in active or usable stock, that is call MRR. The MRR is contained following details:
MRR No & Date
Receive No & Date
Invoice No & Date
Challan No & Date
Vendor Details
Manufacturer Details (if applicable)
Indentor Detail (if applicable) P/O or L/C No
Item Detail (Code, Name & UOM)
Last Delivery
MFG & EXP Date
QC Status
P/O or L/C Qty
Supply Quantity
Reject Quantity
Released Quantity
Gross Amount
Deduct Amount
Net Amount
Cumulative Receive

Report – 1, Godown Wise Current Stock:

This report is contained following details:
Material Detail (Code, Name & UOM)
Adjustment Qty
Bank Godwon Qty
Own Godown Qty
Production Floor Stock Qty
Current Stock
Usable Stock
Quarantine Stock
Pipeline (Transit)
Block Qty
Gross Total

Report – 2, Material Expire Report (to expire after n month):

This report is contained following details:
Material Detail (Code, Name & UOM)
Q/C Ref. No
Unit Price
Total Value
Batch No
MFG Date
Expire Date
Best Before Date
Retest Date

Report – 4, Material Block Ledger:

This report is contained following details:
Material Detail (Code, Name & UOM)
Transaction Date
Transaction No
Transaction type
Ref No
Product Name
Batch No
Q/C Ref. No