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STEPS - Software for Total e-Pharma Solutions

STEPS ERP (Software for Total e-Pharma Solutions)

ERP providing a comprehensive solution that enables key enterprise decision makers to access analyze and share proper information. This allows better understanding of business performance and improves decision making throughout the organization. STEPS ERP enables organizations to expand their thinking set to cover higher-level tactical and strategic elements while remaining on a single platform.
STEPS ERP helps to view instant sales performance in several way, monitors all RM & FG stock in real time. Basically, Focuses management time and attention. In addition, you will be able to monitor the health of your business through key metrics.


STEPS ERP is modular and fully integrated, providing adaptability today and scalability tomorrow. This ERP Software has been designed and developed keeping keen eyes to the particular requirement of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Marketing base company’s requirement. Developed in world famous & powerful database ORACLE, you can be confident STEPS ERP will be running rock-solid for years to come. STEPS ERP manages the unique aspects of your enterprise, organizes resources, and provides the visibility necessary to improve bottom-line results.

SDM – Order, Sales & Distribution System
DIS – Depot Integration System
SDS – Sample Disbursement System
IRS – Instant Reporting System
HRM – Human Resource Management
AFS – Accounting & Financial Accounting System
SMM – Supply Chain & Material Management
QCM – Quality Control Management
PPM – Production Planning & Management
SSM – System Security Management